An attractive competitive product that firms will actually use.
- Roman H. Kepczyk, CPA, The CPA Technology Advisor

ActiveData For Excel® adds advanced data analytics capabilities and time saving workbook and worksheet management features to Microsoft Excel®.

With ActiveData for Excel you can join, merge, match, query, summarize, categorize, locate duplicate and missing items, combine, split, splice, slice and dice your data. Over 100 features, many designed to increase your overall productivity with Excel are included in this easy-to-use package.

ActiveData for Excel offers a feature-rich product at a fraction of the price of competitive database-driven data analytics and computer assisted audit tools (CAATS).

Skills acquired using ActiveData are directly transferrable to other data analysis software packages and computer-assisted audit tools (CAATs) like ACL and IDEA. Our software works well side by side with these packages and is ideal for less technical users.

ActiveData for Excel is available in a Business and Professional edition and works with Microsoft Excel 2007 to 2021 (including 64-bit and Office 365). French, German and Japanese versions are also available.

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April 2023 - New version: ActiveData 5.0.508 is now available. To see what's new in this version, please click here.

Did you know that when you purchase a license for any of our products, you can install them on all of your computers (as long as it is for your own use)? There's no need to purchase a separate license for your desktop, laptop and home computers!

ActiveData For Office / SQL

Better. Faster. Cheaper.
- Rich Lanza, CPA

ActiveData for Office / SQL provides you with functionality found in much more expensive software solutions like ACL and IDEA (and is up to 3 times faster at a fraction of the cost).

ActiveData for Office / SQL supports direct access to Oracle, DB2, MS SQL Server, MySQL, Jet (MDB and XLS) and Ace (ACCDB and XLSX) databases using Microsoft's OLEDB data access technolgies. It also sports full support for COM automation and can be scripted with both VBScript and VBA

ActiveData for Office / SQL is a Windows application that leverages the power of Microsoft Access (.mdb, .accdb) and SQL databases to extend your reach beyond the 1 million row barrier of Excel.

ActiveData for Office / SQL was designed to help our ActiveData For Excel users manipulate data that wouldn't otherwise fit into Excel.

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